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The mission of Tipton Christian Academy's Athletic Department is to produce positive, Christian student-athletes who honor and serve the Lord, by exemplifying character and integrity on and off the field.  It is our goal through athletics to equip athletes with the knowledge and skills needed to be successful models of Christ in our community.  


At Tipton Christian Academy, our athletes and coaches strive to compete at their best to honor God. Engaging in sports allows us to serve those around us, promote selflessness, and utilize our talents to accomplish remarkable feats. Participation in athletics, whether as a player or a student spectator, is an integral part of the educational journey at Tipton Christian Academy. It is a privilege that comes with responsibility towards the school, team, fellow students, the community, and oneself, reflecting positively on all these groups. These athletic experiences improve students' knowledge, skills, and emotional development, shaping them into better individuals and citizens. Tipton Christian Academy Athletics aims to showcase values and actions derived from God's teachings to those outside the TCA community. Through exemplary behavior, Christ-like attitudes, and high athletic performance, the athletics program becomes a way to reach out to the non-Christian community. The athletes, parents, and coaches are encouraged to follow the mandate from Colossians 3:17: "And whatever you do, whether in word or deed, do it all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through him."

1. God - Use our God-given abilities to glorify Him in all aspects of athletics. 
2. Family - Build a family culture within our athletic department. 
3. Academics - Exemplify the concept of the student-athlete.
4. Community - Use our platform to be the hands and feet of Christ in our community.
5. Athlete - Compete at our highest levels while modeling Christ-like attitudes
The coach is the "living curriculum" for the student-athlete.  Coaches at Tipton Christian Academy are the most significant components of the athletic program.  They are both teachers and active participants.  They have the responsibility to model Christ-like behaviors and attitudes at all times. 
Tipton Christian Academy athletes should be diligent in preparation, give 100% at all times, demonstrate personal discipline, be respectful in all situations, maintain self-control, show humility, and aggressively pursue excellence regardless of the score, opponent, time, referee, or situation.  The ultimate and final responsibility rests upon the shoulders of the student-athlete, for it is the student-athlete who is accountable to his/her parents, coach, and the Lord.
Parents of student-athletes have a responsibility to both their child and to the team.  Without strong, parental support the student-athlete will not be able to achieve his/her greatest potential and/or the team may suffer.  Parents are not coaches and learning to trust coaches is a key step to learning the value of the life lesson experiences athletics provide.  It is also important that parents honor the Lord when attending athletic events. 

Tipton Christian Academy is an NCAA-approved school. Our academic program has been vetted and deemed worthy for Division 1 and Division 2 college athletic departments.

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