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Student Council

Student Council at Tipton Christian Academy is established to help create a positive school environment, to promote Christian character and values, to strive for high scholastic standards, to understand and practice a representative form of government and to show Christ-like respect, care and cooperation to our faculty, staff and fellow students.  

Council members work to create positive change and progression at TCA.  Their duties are to generate enthusiasm for campus events and promote school spirit throughout the year.  They are also charged with giving guidance, support and leadership to school activities and ideas that are approved by the administration and student body.   Members are given opportunities to participate in mentoring and discipleship experiences (Eagle Buddies) that promote individual Christian character development.  

Student Council sponsors at least one major fundraiser or charity drive and participates in at least one community service project during the school year.

Faculty Advisors: Mrs. Angela Williams and Mrs. Rebekah McFarland