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Welcome to TCA

Tipton Christian Academy is Tipton County's only Christian school and is committed to educating, inspiring and discipling our students.  Located on a shared campus with First Baptist Church, TCA follows a discipleship model of Christian education.  High standards of learning presented from a biblical worldview are found in all courses and at all grade levels.  

 Ecclesiastes 4:12 says "a cord of three strands is not easily broken." (HCSB) TCA students receive a foundation of faith in Jesus Christ at home, at church and at school.  Small class sizes and highly-qualified teachers ensure that all students are inspired to learn and be challenged.  



Upcoming Events


Christie Elam Birthday


Middle and High School Orientation (see times below)

Middle School Orientation at 5:00pmHight School Orientation ... details

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First Day of School


Back to School Message from Head of School

Lower & Upper School (Grades K-12)

Monday, Aug 9 - Half Day, 11:30 a.m. dismissal

Tuesday, Aug 10 - Half Day, 11:30 a.m. dismissal

Wednesday, Aug 11 - First Full Day


Thursday, Aug 12 - GIRLS first day for 2K 5-day, 2K T/TH, 3k 5-day, 4K, & Jr. Kindergarten

Friday, Aug 13 - BOYS first day for 2K 5-day, 2K MWF, 3K MWF, 3K, 4K, & Jr.Kindergarten

Monday, Aug 16 - ALL STUDENTS for 3K, 4K & Jr. Kindergarten, GIRLS first day for 3K MWF, GIRLS only 2K 5-day and 2K MWF

Tuesday, Aug 17 - BOYS only for 2K 5-day and 2K T/TH

Wednesday, Aug 18 - ALL STUDENTS for 2K 5-day, 2K MWF and 3K MWF

Thursday, Aug 19 - ALL STUDENT for 2K T/TH