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Shadow Day

A student Shadow Day is an excellent opportunity for prospective students to experience what TCA has to offer.  The goal of the Shadow Day is to allow students to experience a day at Tipton Christian Academy and get a better understanding of our programs and curriculum.  Students will be partnered with a TCA student with similar interests and "shadow" them through a typical school day.  Students who are shadowing will follow a regular class schedule with students of their same grade level.  We know that starting a new school is a big decision for a student and their families.  We encourage all interested students to come and see Tipton Christian Academy personally!   The Shadow Day experience is open to students from 5th through 11th grade. 

How do I schedule a Shadow Day for my child? 

Call or e-mail Kendra Parr at 901-475-4990 or  Shadow Days must be scheduled at least a week in advance.  You will also need to complete a Shadow Day Registration and Information Form.  

Click HERE to print & complete a registration form.  

Where and when do I bring my child the day he/she is shadowing? 

TCA is located on a shared campus with First Baptist Church.  Please enter on the Highway 59 South entrance and follow the school signage to the school's main entrance located to the left of the breezeway connecting the two buildings.  Check-in for Shadow Students is at 8:00am. 

What should my child wear to shadow? 

TCA students wear khakis (pants, shorts or skorts) and a uniform polo each day.  We request that our shadow students dress similarly.  

Where and when should I pick my child up from the Shadow Day? 

Plan to pick your student up at the same location as you dropped off (school's front entrance) at 11:30am.  

What should my child bring to Shadow Day?

Your child should bring a water bottle, notebook, pen and a pencil.