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COVID-19 Response

Educational Frameworks

As Tipton Christian Academy continues to navigate providing a quality Christian education amidst a pandemic, the school’s leadership team remains committed to prayerfully making decisions that ultimately:

  • Keep the TCA community safe and functioning for 175 days of on-campus learning.
  • Empower parents to make decisions they believe are in the best interest of their child(ren).
  • Provide excellent opportunities for student to thrive spiritually, academically, and socially.

With these goals in mind, everyone is encouraged to accept a personal responsibility to help maintain a healthy learning environment. Your TCA School Board added strong directives to the current pandemic plan.  (The full plan is linked above.)

  • Face coverings are strongly suggested for the purposes of slowing transmission of illness but not required at this time.
  • Proactive measures: daily screening checklist for families, thorough cleaning and sanitizing, social distancing indoors and student movement in pods
  • Consider the vaccination 

School Administration can and will determine to send a student home based on any ONE symptom of illness at anytime.  Tipton Christian Academy remains committed to a fluid decisions making process.  Know that we reserve the right to pivot, enhance, and modify.